Where to Get Blake Lively’s Fashion Week Manicure Shade

Where to Get Blake Lively’s Fashion Week Manicure Shade

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We love seeing our favorite celebs out and about, especially since we can always count on them to supply plenty of fashion and beauty inspo whenever they hit the town. Take Blake Lively’s recent appearance on the Michael Kors red carpet for brand’s New York Fashion Week show, where the star glowed like a disco queen in sequins. Not only were we immediately wondering how we could get her bouncy curls and where we could shop her gold jumpsuit, we also zeroed in on her chic manicure, and were dying to find out where we could snag her perfect brown nail polish for our own fall manis. Lucky for us (and you), Lively’s manicurist has shared the *exactshade and polish she used for the look.

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Blake’s manicurist Elle Gerstein is famously known for her fabulous nail artistry and for this look, which she calls a “studded leather manicure,” she used PLA gel polish. More specifically, the creamy brown shade Howl You Doin’, that you can grab yourself for less than $13. Gerstein mentions in her how-to Instagram video that the inspiration behind the design was “a quintessential Michael Kors cognac leather handbag,” complete with the brand’s studded hardware. Needless to say, it was the perfect choice for the event and Lively looked absolutely ravishing in this polish and nail design.


In addition to providing bold, vibrant color, PLA nail polishes are 10-free, which means they’re made without harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, animal ingredients, parabens and more. Not only is this formula better for people wearing it, it’s a healthier alternative for nail technicians perfecting all those manicures and pedicures, too.

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The fact that we can get the shade for less than $13 has us giddy for the perfect fall manicure. Plus, we’ll definitely be bringing it up in conversation, so we can let everyone know that our mani is Blake Lively-approved.

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