The Wedding Edit: Fall Wedding Guest Dresses

The Wedding Edit: Fall Wedding Guest Dresses

Do you struggle with what to wear to those chilly fall and winter weddings? Join the club!

I love fall and winter fashion, but I definitely find spring and summer weddings so much easier to dress for! Bring on the bright colors and light fabrics, open toe-shoes and no need for a jacket! But, with summer winding down and fall/winter wedding invitations slowly filling up my mailbox, I can’t help but to start thinking about what to wear…

Fall and winter wedding attire often involves darker hues, rich or heavier fabrics and sometimes a longer sleeve and dress length. With that, there are also a couple other things to keep in mind when shopping for a fall/winter wedding guest dress… You should consider the formality of the wedding (the invite should specify a dress code), the weather, and venue setting. This is why I am rounding up my top picks that will be perfectly appropriate (and stylish, of course!) for any fall/winter wedding.

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