The Perfect Dress for Valentine’s Day 2020

The Perfect Dress for Valentine’s Day 2020

Ah, the day of love – it’s either love or hate occasion. For me, it’s an excuse to find the perfect dress for Valentine’s day, get dolled up, and celebrate our loved ones! Whether that be a partner, a group of girlfriends, your dog, or just a night of self-care. Having one day to do nothing other than spend quality time together is far more important than red love heart balloons and cheesy cards. There’s too much anger and negativity in the world. So a day devoted to love is something I’ve always embraced – regardless of my relationship status or if I had a “Valentine.”

The day itself doesn’t need to be a huge extravaganza either. But if you need ideas, I shared 5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in this post last year. For Justin and I, our ideal Valentine’s Day is spent at home, cooking a meal together, and watching a good movie. Simply acknowledging the life we’ve built together, with our dog Oliver, of course, is all we need on that day. As much as we love going on a weekend excursion and eating at fancy restaurants, Valentine’s Day is more than expensive gifts or extravagant meals. But, if you’re like me and still like to get dressed up for any occasion, I have found the perfect dress for Valentine’s Day! Plus, more cute outfit ideas! Keep reading

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