StriVectin Hydration Multiplier Serum Review

StriVectin Hydration Multiplier Serum Review

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Dry. Dehydrated. Dull. Did we just describe your current complexion? While we hope that’s not the case, we can certainly relate—our moisturizer just doesn’t seem to cut it these days either. Throw in some winter weather and our skincare routine has now become a cry for help. It’s no wonder ‘skin-flooding’ has become more than just a fleeting TikTok trend.

Inspired by K-Beauty, skin-flooding is a beauty method, dubbed by TikTok, featuring a layering technique that uses a humectant (like hyaluronic acid) to add moisture and then an emollient (like ceramides) to seal the water in and protect your skin barrier. The results are hydration…that lasts. In fact, the layering process is so effective that StriVectin has spearheaded a product that does it all in one bottle. That’s right, skin-flooding in a bottle. Enter: StriVectin Hydration Multiplier Serum.


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StriVectin Hydration Multiplier Serum

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What Are the Benefits?

To put it simply: This new serum can double your skin’s hydration in just 15 minutes.How you ask? Well, the innovative formula contains two powerful serums in one dual chamber. The first acts as the skin-flooding “humectant step”: It hydrates with seven types of hyaluronic acid, plus a moisture-binding polyglutamic acid to draw water to skin and visibly plump lines and wrinkles. The second serum is the emollient: This seals the hydration in with five types of ceramides, plus barrier-strengthening NIA-114™ (Niacin) for long-lasting results.

Sticking with this specific order—starting with a humectant and ending with a moisturizing emollient—allows for the serum to really work its magic. Humectants such as hyaluronic acid add moisture to the skin often by drawing it from the surrounding environment, while emollients such as ceramides seal in moisture and prevent evaporation from the skin. This method helps the serums penetrate the skin and increase their efficacy for deep and long-lasting hydration.


Is It Right for My Skin Type?

While it’s a great option for most skin types, those with chronically dry or dehydrated skin who, as a result, are seeing fine lines, wrinkles and dullness will benefit most from this skin-flooding product. Dehydrated skin can lead to aging (ack!), so it’s a fit for anyone concerned about a lack of moisture in their skincare regime.


Wait, Did I Read ‘Discount’?

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*Average increased based on instrumental testing

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