PRE-FALL FAVORITES – Musings by Madison

PRE-FALL FAVORITES – Musings by Madison

Okay…it’s late-ish August and the weather is miraculously starting to cool down a bit. So, I’m starting to wrap my head around the idea of Autumn. Making that effort a lot easier are the array of fresh, pre-fall favorites over on Saks – a beautiful selection of pre-fall finds in delicious seasonal tones and textures that are not to be missed.

Also, my transitional wear doesn’t stop at dresses and accessories… Obvi I’m not a masochist, so my pre-fall round up below also contains elevated loungewear like this sporty sleek romper I’ve included below. The material is—wait for it…. BUTTERY SOFT. Think: comfortable, almost-loungewear that’s dialed up the style factor by 100, so you’ll actually leave the house in it or wear it while traveling!

Ugh, fine, fall, you may proceed.

Shop my favorites (like this beautiful look) below.

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