Peace Out Retinol Eye Stick Review: How to Get It on Sale

Peace Out Retinol Eye Stick Review: How to Get It on Sale

A woman using the Peace Out Retinol Eye Stick.Peace Out,

Peace Out Skincare is known for its high-quality products at low prices, and its Retinol Eye Stick ($28; $20) is among its top sellers. After several weeks of testing it myself, I can see why. Whether you want to soften any wrinkles or can’t seem to outsleep your dark circles, this stick will cover all your bases. So, I think it’s worth every penny at it’s regular price of $28, but that doesn’t mean I don’t welcome the the brand’s Black Friday sale with open arms. Yes, you read that right. The Peace Out sale for Black Friday has already begun, and it includes a 30 percent sitewide discount on all its skincare essentials from now through Nov. 27. FYI: That means you can stock up on the famous Retinol Eye Stick for just $20 (you’ll see the discount in your cart!). Read on to learn exactly why you’ll want to scoop up this game-changing product while it’s still in stock.

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What Is Retinol And Why Should I Use It?

Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that’s used to promote cell turnover, which treats an array of skin concerns like uneven skin tone and texture, dark spots, fine lines and dullness. You will most often see retinol in the form of serums or creams, but this stick makes it so that you can just swipe it on and around your eyes, so the whole experience is a lot less messy.

,A close up of the Peace Out Retinol Eye Stick.Peace Out

Peace Out

The Peace Out Retinol Eye Stick has become something I look forward to using daily for many reasons: It’s relaxing to swipe on, my dark circles are starting to lighten up and my eyes look brighter when I wake up in the morning.

To use the stick, simply twist the product up (like you would your favorite lipstick) and swipe it on underneath your eyes and onto your eyelids. You won’t need to wash off any excess product in the AM because your skin will drink this stuff up.

If you’re like me and the skin underneath your eyes tends to get dry or flaky, this balm will completely eliminate that issue (so no more worrying about your concealer looking patchy). Also, all of the brand’s formulas are clean, vegan, gluten- and cruelty-free (and that pink tube is just so darling to look at).

Bottom line: If you struggle with dark circles, dry skin or crow’s feet, this retinol stick just might become your new holy grail product. It certainly has for me.


See the Peace Out Stick in Action

On an episode of PureWow’s Testing TikTok, content creator Kate Kesselman finally got her hands on the proclaimed holy grail: the Peace Out Retionol Eye Stick. Over the course of a week, she also tested out the viral beauty product to see whether or not it really lived up to the hype. Click the video above to see what Kate had to say about the retinol beauty stick or watch it after you stock up for just $20 because it won’t stay in stock for much longer.

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