Out With the Old and In With the Neutrals: Pre-Spring Closet Purge

Out With the Old and In With the Neutrals: Pre-Spring Closet Purge



As the new year is in full swing, I am starting to get my annual hankering for a total closet refresh. Anybody else suffer from this yearly organization bug?!

​It feels so good to organize and get rid of things that don’t fit well or embody my own style. Although I love trends, as I’m getting older, I’ve not only put importance on wearing outfits that make me comfortable, but outfits that always embody my own, personal style. Reassessing my wardrobe every year is great way for me to stay true to the styles I love/items that make me feel good, and see what I may need to focus on.

For me, it’s shoes! I am over spending money on poor quality shoes and have realized they are certainly worth investing in! I found heels hidden in the back of my closet that I got a great deal, but I have worn once because they hurt my feet so bad! This kind of thing, my friends, is a perfect example of something I would suggest letting go of during your closet purge!

I have always found myself drawn to specific details, colors, or patterns, but I have found that natural neutrals are pieces that have stood the test of time and are great for any season. I gravitate towards soft knits, cotton, linen, or silky items in different variations of a similar color. Like, white, cream, tan, camel or black, charcoal, marled gray, heather gray, or pastels of brighter colors like soft blush or baby blue. Creating a wardrobe that is mostly consistent with your self-defined color palette (in patterns or solids) is a great start to defining your own style and refreshing your closet. 

Here are some items on my wish list for my closet refresh:

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Are you doing a closet refresh? If so, do you have any organization tips or items you can tell you need to focus on? Share in the comments below. I’d love to hear!

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