Is the T3 CurlWrap Worth $200? Here’s an Honest Review

Is the T3 CurlWrap Worth $200? Here’s an Honest Review

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We have a love-hate relationship with curling irons. Although we love the curly look, it’s not always easy to achieve on our own. Most devices require us to twist or wrap our hair, and if done incorrectly, it can sometimes result in unwanted burns. That’s where the T3 CurlWrap ($200) comes in.

On the latest episode of Take My Money, Kate tested out the automatic rotating curler that’s currently trending on TikTok. She explained that the device is basically a cross between a wand and a standard curling iron, but it’s far more user friendly. So, is it worth $200?


In the episode (see above), Kate revealed that the T3 CurlWrap has multiple features. “It also has nine heat settings, so it’s perfect if you have thin hair [or] thicker hair,” she said. “It also has a timer on it, so you can tell how much time you’re curling each hair section so it can be an even amount throughout your entire head.”

Kate admitted that the curling process will depend on the thickness of your hair. “I take around a pinch of hair, not that much,” she explained. “But if you have thicker hair, I would say maybe start with less hair because I have thin hair.”

“What I love about this is the material of the ceramic barrel. I just feels so smooth when it comes out,” she added. “With most curlers, I feel like I need to brush my hair after. With this, I don’t really feel like I need to brush my hair out. It’s really nice as is.”

Watch the video above to see Kate’s full review and keep scrolling for more details on the product.

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1. T3 CurlWrap


  • 1.25″ barrel
  • 9 heat levels
  • 2 timer settings
  • 2 rotation speeds

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