How to Host a Memorable Friendsgiving

How to Host a Memorable Friendsgiving

How to Host a Memorable Friendsgiving

Are you ready to shake up your Thanksgiving routine or create a new holiday tradition? I’m sharing must-know entertaining tips on how to host a memorable Friendsgiving this year.

how to host a memorable friendsgiving

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only a month away?! One tradition I’ve loved incorporating into the holiday season over the past couple of years is Friendsgiving. Whether you’re hosting or attending, there’s nothing sweeter than gathering with your friends and family during the holidays. Which is why I was so excited to get together with my sweet blogger friends, Lauren, Emily, and Jessica, to show you how to create the most memorable Friendsgiving this year. P.S., if you don’t follow them already, go check them out – you will love them as much as I do!

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My personal favorite part of hosting is decorating for the occasion. Setting the scene for your Friendsgiving plays a big part of the evening. Now is the perfect opportunity to get creative – make your space warm and inviting. For example, use rich, autumnal tones like dark green, burgundy, and caramel. Cut fresh flowers to use as your centerpiece and incorporate mini pumpkins or pinecones to create the ultimate fall tablescape. And if the weather is chilly, offer blankets or get a fire going for your guests to stay warm.


To ease the stress of spending all day in the kitchen preparing food, make it a potluck. Invite your friends to join in on the fun by bringing their favorite dish to share. Assign in categories like appetizers, drinks, dessert, etc., so you have the entire course taken care of. I love being able to contribute something to a meal with friends – no one should be stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is mingling and having fun!

A few Thanksgiving dish ideas to bring: a charcuterie board, baked brie, bread/rolls, stuffing, ham, turkey, a side of veggies, fruit, cider, wine, apple pie, mini bundt cakes… Ok, my mouth is watering. You get the idea!


When creating your Friendsgiving guest list, think about who you want to enjoy the evening with. Consider what capacity your choice of venue can accommodate. The key to successful entertaining is ensuring your guests are comfortable – all of your friends should have a place to sit down to enjoy the meal. And as the host, you’ll want to encourage mingling, so be sure to introduce your guests to one another if they’re strangers. Another way to spice up the evening is by playing a games like charades, Heads Up, or if you’re like my friends, karaoke! Games always loosen everyone up and create a night to remember.

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Remember, if the host or hostess is enjoying themselves, so will everyone else. Keep your Friendsgiving casual, entertaining, and one to remember. Because who knows, this may become your new tradition!

So, will you be hosting or attending this season? Do you have any tips on how to host a memorable Friendsgiving? Share in the comments below!

Xo, M

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