A NuFACE Sale Is Happening at QVC Right Now

A NuFACE Sale Is Happening at QVC Right Now

A woman using the NuFACE The FIX Line Smoothing Device on her under eye area.QVC,

Cher once lamented that she wished she could turn back time, and so do we—especially when it comes to our skin. That’s why we’re overjoyed about QVC’s NuFACE sale on the Fix Line Smoothing Device, which is specifically designed to work around sensitive areas, including your lips and eyes. As with several of the brand’s microcurrent facial-contouring tools, it has a reputation for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles almost instantly, so you can essentially turn back the clock to better skin days. With that being said, it should come as no shock that this little magic wand is selling at lightning speed now that it’s as low as $99 (was $142). But, heads up—this limited-time deal won’t last long.

Whether or not you’ve already had the pleasure of experiencing the power of microcurrent technology, you’ll be won over by the tool’s ability to blur all those signs of aging around the eyes, chin, mouth and forehead. We were certainly impressed after scrolling through TikTok, where the device and its accompanying serum have racked up more than seven million views. It was there that we discovered how easy it is to use—all you have to do is apply the included FIX serum to the area you want to tackle. Then, using a “feathering” technique, you’ll treat the section for three minutes, letting the tool’s microcurrent jolts work their magic. After that, the tool automatically shuts off, and you can rub the remaining serum right into your skin. And trust, you’ll want to, since it contains A-plus anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and peptides.

You can watch the process in the TikTok below, but you should also know that you can use the tool both on clean, dry skin *orover makeup. And it doesn’t hurt that the device is incredibly sleek and slim, so you can even carry it in your purse for when you need an instant lift and contour on-the-go.


If you’re looking for some stats to prove that this beauty device actually does what it claims to, you’re in luck. In post clinical consumer surveys conducted by NuFACE, 97 percent of women said the skin around their eyes felt tighter after just three minutes of using the device, while *100 percentof users said their skin felt instantly hydrated after the treatment, which is likely due to the serum’s blend of hyaluronic acid, which has a record of replenishing your skin’s moisture.

Here’s why one buyer thinks it’s worth every penny: “This is my go-to weekend rejuvenation for my skin. The serum is amazing alone, but when used together, it creates a penetrating electrical current [that smooths out my] fine lines and wrinkles. I have been using [it] for a few months, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants real results at home.”

,A close up of the NuFACE The FIX Line Smoothing Device and serum.QVC


Ready to postpone that Botox appointment (perhaps indefinitely!), save your skin and save some money while you’re at it? Don’t wait to snag the NuFACE Fix on *raresale right now. Feel free to thank us later.

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