7 Haircut Trends Happening in New York Right Now

7 Haircut Trends Happening in New York Right Now

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As a New York native, it may be biased to say that the best trends are born here, but between the chic looks that are always hitting the streets and the latest spa treatments coming from the Upper East Side, it’s hard to deny the city’s appeal. And since we’re officially in the middle of New York Fashion Week, we thought it was prime time to ask six hairstylists for the top haircuts everyone in NYC is asking for now. After a quick scroll through, you’ll probably be setting up an appointment ASAP (and we don’t blame you).


Meet the Experts:

  • Sally Hershberger is a celebrity hairstylist and founder of Sally Hershberger 24K Haircare. She has over 40 years of experience working with celebrities, fashion brands and salons. She manages multiple salon locations in New York and Los Angeles, while creating new and trendy haircuts. Her previous clients include Cindy Crawford, Lisa Rinna, Miley Cyrus and Jane Fonda.
  • Danielle Priano is a celebrity hairstylist and ambassador for Sexy Hair. She has decades of experience in the industry, working on brand campaigns and launching her very own accessories collection, PSxDanielle. Her previous clients include Vanessa Hudgens, Hailey Bieber, Mariah Carey and Hailee Steinfield.
  • Christopher Naselli is a celebrity hairstylist and owner of Naselli & Co. in New York City. He specializes in cuts, color and styling services, including balayage, blowouts and keratin treatments. His previous clients include Nina Dobrev, Annie Murphy, Michelle Yeoh and Dianna Agron.
  • Gregory Patterson is a celebrity hairstylist and a DIY Color & Styling expert for Sally Beauty. He’s based in New York City and has previously worked as a lead stylist for Project Runway. His previous clients include Britney Spears, Anne Hathaway and Julianne Moore.
  • Ricardo Dinis is a hairstylist and global artistic director for Aveda. He has a decade of experience in hair cutting and styling. When he’s not creating looks for brand campaigns and runways, he’s teaching the next generation of stylists.
  • Rogerio Cavalcante is a hairstylist and owner of The Second Floor Salon in Soho. He has over 16 years of experience, starting his career from Brazil to New York City in 2007. Since then, he has collaborated with brands such as L’Oréal Paris, perfecting his own dry cutting technique and working with publications such as Vogue and Elle Magazine.


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1. Preppy Bob

Bobs continue to be an essential style for those who live in this bustling city. While the ‘bob box’ and ‘Italian bobs’ are already known as the haircuts of 2023, we’re predicting ‘preppy bobs’ are going to be the next big thing. “This bob is all about straight lines and sharp angles. All the models are rocking this look, and with New York being such a fashion-forward city, it’s no surprise that this preppy cut is trending,” says Hershberger. This blunt bob doesn’t require too many layers, and it falls nicely around the jawline. If you have straight or wavy hair, Hershberger recommends applying a mousse first to help define and shape your strands.

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2. Italian Bob

Speaking of the ‘Italian Bob,’ this cut is a fan favorite in NYC. “It’s been going strong since last spring and it’s still trending on the streets of New York. I predict it’s going to stay well into 2024,” says Naselli. He explains the allure of the haircut comes from its chin-grazing length and sharp, but heavy ends, which creates softness around the face and the illusion of a strong jawline. Plus, this cut works with various hair types, as it has a ruffled and volumizing texture to it. However, Naselli recommends those with curly or thick hair should opt for a longer version that sits right above the collarbone. One more thing: Naselli suggests applying a lightweight cream to fight frizz and maintain a silky, smooth finish.

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3. The Butterfly Cut

Lest you think we were leaving the butterfly cut behind in 2023, the ‘70s inspired ‘do is still going strong because it’s essentially two haircuts in one. You’ll find short layers on top (ending a few inches beneath the chin) and longer layers on the bottom (just past the shoulders for soft movement). “This cut is popular in New York right now because it’s universally flattering on most hair types and it’s easy to maintain. It’s a mix of practical and cool, which is what most New Yorkers are looking for these days,” says Priano. To style your cut, the stylist suggests using a volumizing gel to achieve a bouncy, luscious blowout.

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4. Birkin Bangs

Birkin bangs first stepped on the scene back in June and city dwellers are still requesting the fringe for fall. As explained by Priano, the bangs are a thinned out version of curtain bangs that “are cut to frame the face.” Once the shape is established, [your stylist] will dry the bangs flat on top and begin curving out the ends,” she explains. If they feel a bit heavier than your liking, Priano suggests using a pair of thinning shears to remove some of the density and add a spritz of a texturizing spray to fluff them out and separate them.

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5. Parisian Shag

Yup, NYC is still very much in love with the shag haircut, but according to Patterson, we’ll be switching up the classic cut for fall. “The Parisian shag is a softer version of a classic shag with more of a rock and roll vibe to it. On longer lengths it’s a lot less choppy with more flowing layering that lends to more movement,” says Patterson. “It’s popular in NYC because it’s weather- and lifestyle-friendly, and it can evolve throughout the week very well.” To nail this look, it’s all about adding layers, layers and more layers. Think of a Parisian woman. You don’t want the cut to look too polished. To maintain body and texture, Patterson recommends using lightweight styling products (like a texture paste or cream) and a one-inch curling iron for extra definition wherever its needed.

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6. Velvet Pixie

A pixie haircut might be just the change you’re looking to try in 2023. “This cut is very edgy, but still makes me think of Mia Farrow’s elegance and attitude, which is definitely NYC,” says Dinis. A pixie is cut using clippers or scissors to soften the ends and ensure the overall length isn’t too short. Once you get your fresh cut, the easy part is the maintenance. Aside from monthly trims (which is the biggest part of maintaining this otherwise breeze style), all you’ll need is some texturizing paste to add shine and definition to your look.

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7. After-Party Waves

They don’t call it “the city that never sleeps” for nothing. “[After-party waves are] the perfect hairstyle because it looks good on both long and short hair. The waves are less about volume and more about bringing movement to the hair. They give off an effortless and pretty effect,” says Cavalcante. If you’re going out, consider adding some salt spray to give your strands some extra hold as you dance the night away.

​​OK, I’m Ready for a Haircut. What Should I Ask My Stylist?

The best thing to do is communicate with your stylist about everything. Tell them exactly what you want and show them any visual inspiration you have in mind for the look. (Psst, we’ve got seven references above to get you started). Once you have your photos ready, march into your appointment and walk out the salon with a fresh cut that you can show off at your next shindig.


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