6 Ways to Make Your Gifts Glisten

6 Ways to Make Your Gifts Glisten

I know I’m a little late on this, but I only started wrapping gifts on Friday… Don’t judge me.

Even though I procrastinated this year, wrapping presents is probably one of my favorite things to do during the holidays. Every year I choose a different theme and I always have so much fun with it. So today I wanted share six unconventional ways you can step up your gift wrapping game.

 1. Mix Patterns
Whoever said mixing patterns is a no-no was obviously not talking about gift wrapping… I love, love, loooove to mix patterns when it comes to wrapping presents!


Above are a few examples of combos from Target that I love. (pictures are linked!)

2. Incorporate Greenery 
Adding greenery to a gift is a surefire way to make your gift stand out. Plus… It’s super easy and affordable. Just take a leisurely stroll to your back yard and pick some sprigs.


I personally love the way boxwood looks on top of a gift. Get the tutorial for the mini boxwood wreaths shown above at A Burst of Beautiful.

3. Use Textures
Adding different textures to your presents is a great way to make them pop!


Kraft paper would be great for this since it has a rougher texture to it. Top it off with some white paint splatters and dark green, crushed velvet ribbon–ok, why didn’t I think of this before?

4. Make Each Present Different
This is for those of you who are just really tired of looking at the same gift wrap over and over and over again. Been there, done that.


Well, why not spice things up and make every present a little different?!

I suggest picking two to three different patterns of wrapping paper and ribbon and interchanging each of them with every present.

5. DIY It
This one is for all you do-it-yourselfers. Whether you add a crafty touch to your wrapping paper or gift tags, going the DIY route can be a really fun and affordable way to gift wrap.


Pinterest is a great resource for DIY gift wrapping projects! Check out this article for DIY printable wrapping paper from Homey Oh My! (photo shown above) So cute! Below that are some other DIY’s from Pinterest I’ve been itching to try! Click away.

6. Top It Off
This is my favorite part! I love thinking outside the (gift) box when it comes to topping off my presents. (Pun intended.) There’s a lot of room for creativity when it comes to gift tags and ribbon.


Since I went with plaid, a more traditional, gift wrap this year, I decided to use something different to top off each present: yarn! I just used some leftover fuzzy, cream yarn from when I knitted a blanket. (Yes, you read that right. I can knit.)

Here are my presents this year:

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