5 Ways to Dress More Professionally

5 Ways to Dress More Professionally

While it’s true that more and more company’s are choosing a rather casual approach to work wear nowadays, I still believe in dressing for success. Professionalism and presentation are paramount when it comes to a work wardrobe – no matter a company’s standard on dress code (casual, business, business casual, etc.).  My fellow working gals, there is always, always something to be said about a polished and professional power outfit. So, I’m excited to share 5 ways to dress more professionally and elevate your office-style.

However, I’ll admit… when I first joined corporate America, dressing professionally was slightly intimidating. Especially coming from a retail/fashion environment and when you have such a strong love for expressing yourself through style. Did that mean I had to wear a boring pant-suit and plain flats every day? I quickly found that there was a way to dress professionally and still be stylish. Let’s discuss.


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