4 Winter TikTok Makeup Trends

4 Winter TikTok Makeup Trends

If there’s ever a time to dial up the glam, it’s during the holidays. Whether you’re headed to your office party or meeting up with friends for an end of year recap over wine, we’ve got four festive makeup ideas, from Sugar Plum Fairy makeup to…Man-Eater makeup (?), for you to try ahead, courtesy of the TikTok trend machine.


1. Sugar Plum Fairy Makeup

At this point, you can pretty much guarantee that if Hailey Bieber does something, it’ll become a trend in no time. This is the woman who’s responsible for the “glazed donut” craze, after all. Recently, the model shared her ‘Sugar Plum Fairy Makeup’ look, which was partly inspired by her experience as a ballerina in the Nutcracker. It consists of a pinkish-purple blush paired with shimmery plum eyeshadow, a cool-toned lip gloss and, of course, a generous amount of highlighter along the high points of your face to ensure the whole look shines.


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2. Cherry Red Makeup

Another hue to go all in on this season? Obviously, a bright cherry red that Rudolph himself would co-sign. The most obvious placement for this bold shade is your lips (a la T. Swift), but you could also add pops of red to your cheeks and eyelids to make it a merry monochrome moment.


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3. Espresso Makeup

You could also skip the brighter reds and purples and go for a more neutral palette of deep browns and even a dash of black instead. Dubbed the older sister of the lighter ‘Latte Makeup’ trend that dominated our feeds this fall, ‘Espresso Makeup’ showcases a rich and defined smokey eye, fluffy lashes and a nude lip that’s perfect for a night out.


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4. Man-Eater Makeup

Ending things with a bang, we have ‘Man-Eater Makeup,’ which is an extension of the ‘Indie Sleaze’ revival that’s upon us (and we’ll likely see more of in 2024). This is the antithesis to the ‘no-makeup makeup’ looks that have dominated the scene for the last several years, where the goal is to go full glam. Think: a strong contour and an equally strong smokey eye and statement lip—all of which wouldn’t feel out of place with your fancy cocktail wear.


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