2017 Wrap Up + Goals for 2018

2017 Wrap Up + Goals for 2018

I know I say this every year, but I truly cannot believe another year has come and gone so quickly. Like most, the last few days of each year always makes me reflect on the year and think about my goals for the next year.

I’m a firm believer that there is power in writing these things down, so I wanted to share my recap of 2017 and my goals for 2018.

2017 Wrap Up

Where do I begin? In a nutshell, 2017 was the epitome of “adulting” for me in all aspects.

On the home front:
I bought a house in August. This, my friends, was probably the biggest thing that happened for me in 2017. Granted, Justin and I were nomads for about 3 months while we were house hunting and then going through the home buying process. This was….an adventure to say the least. We bounced around from living with my sister and her fiancé, then onto staying with my parents, and now, we are nesting in our own, cozy home. Home ownership has been a learning process, with its own ups and downs (aka a broken water heater), but it has also been so much fun and I’m looking forward to making years worth of memories in our new home… and driving Justin crazy with all of my decorating ideas. (Sorry, boo.)

Another big decision we made this year was making an addition to our family. He is furry, has four legs, and his name is Oliver. I can honestly say that being a puppy-parent takes the cake as being one of the most challenging and rewarding things for me this year, personally. Between the potty training, finding dog hair EVERYWHERE, being used as a constant chew toy, it’s definitely keeping me busy. And on the other hand, he is the cuddliest (sometimes), most eager to please, little bundle of joy and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

On the work front:
At work, I feel like I am finally growing into my position as a manager. I would like to say that I was fearless when taking on my new position as a leader, but I honestly remember feeling more like a deer in headlights and not really sure what I was getting myself into. Although I’ve had managerial positions before, I wouldn’t have considered myself much of a “boss.” Here I am now, over a year later, happy and truly confident in my role as a manager. I’m still learning and developing my own leadership style, of course, but I feel good about where I am and where I’m heading.

Aside from my career, I also started taking my passions more seriously with the encouragement from my sweet boyfriend. Earlier this year, I launched Makes by Madison for my calligraphy and then this November, Musings by Madison for my blogging. This has to be one of the most exciting things for me yet!

On the personal front:
Like I said before, 2017 has been a year of adulting for me. I feel like each year, I become more and more “established” with who I am and what I’m about. But as I’m getting older and living with my significant other, my eyes are being opened in a whole new light. I realized that I’m a litttttle bit stubborn (sorry again, boo), I’m happiest when everyone else is happy, family and friendships are things to be treasured even more as time goes on, and I seriously cannot sleep without 4 pillows…minimum.

2018 Goals

On the home front:
Being a new home owner comes with a never ending list of things to do. So for 2018, I’d like to start crossing some of those things off. Like working on the outside of our house and landscaping and finally unpacking some of those boxes that have been sitting in the basement since we moved in… Oops.

Every year, I also like to make a different financial goal for myself. This year, my goal is the same as it was for 2017: save, save, save. It is never too early to start saving money or having a cushion to rely on for those unexpected expenses (yup, still talking about that dang water heater) or just having money set aside for fun trips!

​On the work front:
For 2018, I am setting some major girl boss goals–personally and professionally. I’d like to keep developing my leadership skills and moving forward in the work place. For Makes by Madison, I already have some really cool calligraphy jobs lined up in 2018, which I’ll be sharing details on soon! As for Musings by Madison, I have some big plans. I love writing, fashion, finding really good deals, decorating, and so much more. Because I feel so strongly about these things, I want to keep sharing them, let you guys in on my style and bargain secrets, and maybe inspire a few people about other things along the way.

On the personal front:
2017 was for adulting; 2018 is my Jordan year. I’ll be 23 in just a few weeks and even though I feel 40 sometimes, I want to really make it a point to enjoy being young and living in the now. I feel like I am quick to get caught up in being so prepared, professional, or whatever else, that I forget that I’m young. I have time. I can’t control the future. All I can do is enjoy what’s in front of me and be thankful for one more day. New year, new me, eh?

What are some of your big moments of 2017? Do you have any goals for 2018?

Share in the comments! I’d love to hear!

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