17 of Our Editors Favorite Amazon Finds of 2023

17 of Our Editors Favorite Amazon Finds of 2023

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If there’s one thing PureWow editors know, it’s Amazon. We’ve spent hours scouring the site to find you the best of the best products throughout the year——from luggage and pillows to coats and viral Tik-Tok finds. And now, we’re revealing our absolute favorites from the mega retailer. Here, 17 Amazon finds we’re obsessed with, including a portable steamer (was $33, now $28) and pet camera (was $35, now $26)—keep reading to shop them all.

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,Best portable steamer: A white fold-up steamer in a suitcaseAmazon

1. Beautural Portable Steamer


Assistant Sales and Deals editor Destinee Scott nabbed up this portable steamer which turned out to be a fave of PureWow readers, too. When asked why this was her top purchase of the year Scott said, “I have yet to travel with it, but it’s such a vibe I don’t see why anyone would ever use a traditional iron when they’ve got one. I also feel like it’s easier to get wrinkles out my delicate clothing and bedding.”

$33; $28 at amazon,editor favorite amazon finds colorcoralAmazon

2. ColorCoral AirTag Case


Pamela Masin, PureWow’s Director of Affiliate Strategy calls out this lightweight silicone AirTag keychain as her top find from Amazon, sharing: “This year, I finally jumped on the Apple AirTag (was $99, now $80) bandwagon and bought this keychain accessory to hold an AirTag and clip it to my car keys. The silicone holder is super lightweight and secures the AirTag well so I don’t worry that it will slip out. Plus, it comes in a variety of cute colors! This was definitely the best and most practical $7 I spent in 2023.”

Dog moms will also appreciate this Pup Culture AirTag Collar Holder ($10) loved by Managing Editor Catrina Yohay that conveniently slides right on your furry friend’s collar.

$7 at amazon,editor favorite amazon finds mighty patchAmazon

3. Mighty Patch Original Pimple Patches

Mighty Patch

Associate Fashion Commerce Editor Stephanie Meraz dubbed the Mighty Patch pimple patches, which come with 36 blemish-fighting patches in a pack, as her favorite buy: “I buy the Mighty Patch pimple patches on repeat. I’ve seen pimples go away overnight thanks to the medical-grade hydrocolloid in the stickers. And they’ve seriously helped me control myself from picking, scratching and popping. Plus, I can wear the invisible patches ($18) during the day, too (though I recommend NOT in the sun).

$12 at amazon,editor favorite amazon finds kasaAmazon

4. Kasa Smart Camera


Another pick pet parents will want to add to their carts ASAP is this smart pet monitor Yohay also loves for its affordable price tag and functionality that beats higher-priced models. She gushes: “My Furbo ($99) finally crapped out after months of being wonky, so I recently replaced it with this camera that’s WAY cheaper and works just as well (if not better). Now I can spy on my pup without worrying about random connectivity issues.”

$35; $26 at amazon,editor favorite amazon finds solawaveAmazon

5. Solawave 4-in-1 Facial Wand


Senior Commerce Editor Steph Maida splurged on the facial tool used by celebs like Pedro Pascal and found she was a huge fan, too. “I finally caved and snagged the Solawave wand at Amazon this summer,” she tells us. “I’m a huge fan of red light therapy and have a mask that I love, but I don’t always have a solid ten or 20 minutes to sit down and use it, so I love how quick this wand is. I run it over my face for just a few minutes during my morning or night skincare routine, and in addition to being super soothing, it’s helped reduce some of the lines on my forehead and around my eye area.”

$169; $149 at amazon,editor favorite amazon purchases magipeaAmazon

6. Magipea Tablet Stand Holder


Kindle (was $140, now $125) and tablet users will love this flexible stand Assistant Commerce Editor Natalie LaBarbera chose as her favorite find. “After seeing these stands over and over on BookTok I had to see what the hype was about—and, honestly, this was worth every cent and more,” LaBarbera shares. “There’s nothing better than finding the perfect reading position and not having to adjust every few seconds to tap to the next page (I of course got a remote control page turner $33, too), and I love the idea of using it with an iPad while baking Christmas cookies to easily reference whatever recipe I’m using.”

$25 at amazon,editor favorite amazon finds bitzeeAmazon

7. Bitzee Virtual Pets


VP of Editorial Candace Davison named this toy that somehow feels like a ’90s throwback and the next big Gen Z trend at the same time as her best find: “Bitzee is my go-to gift for kids’ birthdays and the holidays. It’s basically a Gen Z Tamagotchi, except you can collect multiple pets and actually ‘pet’ them (thanks to a flickering LED that makes the animals appear, almost like a hologram, in the box). Plus, it takes up almost zero space, which parents have appreciated.”

From $30; $25 at amazon,editor favorite amazon finds soonlynAmazon

8. Soonlyn Balloon Arch Kit


Anyone who has experienced the never ending struggles of putting together a balloon arch will want to scoop up Wellness Director Sarah Stiefvater’s pick ASAP. She shared, “I bought this balloon arch kit for three different events in 2023. It comes with a variety of balloons, plus all the tools you need to fashion them into an arch (just be sure to buy an electric balloon pump—this one is a game-changer). I’m not good at crafts and have the patience of a toddler, and this kit couldn’t be easier to assemble. By my third time, I got it down to around 50 minutes from start to finish.”

$24; $13 at amazon,editor favorite amazon finds fabrok green cable management boxAmazon

9. Fabrok Cable Management Box


If finally organizing your home the way you really want is on your list of 2024 resolutions, you’ll want to add Senior Editor Dana Dickey’s pick to your wishlist: “The Fabrok cable management box has changed the unsightly pile of chargers and power strip nest to my couch into a tidy little design statement. It comes with velcro ties so you can roll all those extra-long cords into little bundles and an easy-off top in case you need to take your [laptop] or phone charger with you.”

$28 at amazon,editor favorite amazon finds dr lorettaAmazon

10. Dr. Loretta Tightening Eye Gel

Dr. Loretta

Marissa Wu, PureWow’s Associate SEO Editor can’t get enough of this eye cream that she says is super tightening: “[I also] love that it’s genderless, odorless and a little goes a long way. [Plus, it’s] packed with peptides for hydration, protects against free radicals and is free from artificial fragrance, parabens and phthalates.”

$40 at amazon,editor favorite amazon finds toloco massage fun with attachmentsAmazon

11. Toloco Deep Tissue Massage Gun


At the top of Operations Director of Branded Content Rachel Gulmi’s list of best purchases is this deep tissue massage gun that comes with ten different attachments: “I’ve been dealing (AKA suffering) from a herniated disc the last six months, so I got this massage gun to try and get some extra relief outside of PT and oh my gosh! I don’t think I ever realized how sore all of my muscles were until I started using this. It feels so good and I finally understand what all the hype is about.”

$76; $53 at amazon,editor favorite amazon finds evridwear exfoliating glove setAmazon

12. Evridwear Exfoliating Gloves


A random-but-useful find of VP of Branded Content Angela Pares were these skin-smoothing exfoliator gloves that come with five pairs included in each box: “This year I decided that my loofah just wasn’t cutting it and I started using these exfoliating gloves in the shower. I love them so much—my skin has never felt smoother. I also bought a little shower hook [because] each glove comes with a handle loop, [and it makes] them super easy to store.”

$25 at amazon,editor favorite amazon finds bcbigAmazon

13. Bcbig Adjustable Dumbbell Set


Assistant Editor Nakeisha Campbell jumped on this adjustable dumbbell set that’s available in 20- to 80-pound weights, which can all be adjusted to light barbell, dumbbell and heavy barbell modes: “I got this adjustable dumbell set that I really love. It’s so convenient and great for smaller spaces since I can break them down after my home workouts.”

from $51 at amazon,editor favorite amazon finds moleskinAmazon

14. Moleskin Classic Notebook


Another fab find of Scott’s was this elevated notebook from Moleskin that comes in multiple sizes and page formats including ruled, dotted and grid options. “I also bought a Moleskine notebook this year. I felt like I needed an outlet to express all my feelings. Of course any journal will do, but [this one is] pretty and sleek and it doesn’t totally stick out so people won’t go reading it!” she shares.

$22 at amazon,editor favorite amazon finds khelfer electric scrubber wandAmazon

15. kHelfer Electric Spin Scrubber


Gulmi also introduced us to our next favorite cleaning device—an electric scrubber. The scrubber comes with four different brushes and has two spin speeds to tackle daily and deep cleaning, and Gulmi calls out just how effective it is: “This thing is no joke. The tile looked brand new after using it one time. I wish I took a before and after [picture], but maybe it’s good I didn’t because then I’d be embarrassed.”

from $70; $45 at amazon,editor favorite amazon finds newmowa clip on lightAmazon

16. Newmowa Rechargeable Clip Light


Another Amazon purchase Meraz loved was this compact clip-on light that can be easily attached to your phone or laptop and has ten brightness levels: “I bought this [light] in hopes of taking good night photos, and was surprised to find out how amazing it is at making me (and my photos and videos) look flawless. I even use for some Zoom meetings if I want to look extra put-together.”

$32; $27 at Amazon,editor favorite amazon finds crestAmazon

17. Crest 3D Whitestrips


Maida jumped on the Crest Whitestrips bandwagon this year and loved the results from these whitening treatments that are reported to brighten your smile with just 45 minutes of daily use. She raves: “I also finally tried the Crest 3D Whitestrips to combat my black coffee habit. I was a little hesitant because I’d heard they might make teeth feel sensitive, but the tingly feeling quickly goes away after the treatment. And I have to say these work great! I noticed a difference in my smile after the first use.”

$37 at amazon, RELATED

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